Designed with solid returns in mind

Get a fixed return of up to 7.5% p.a. on
your money by investing in Advancr’s
professionally managed bonds.

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“I like getting a fixed return and knowing that my investment is spread across creditworthy businesses.”

Remember, bonds are investments, not savings. You are investing your money for a fixed term
and your capital and interest are at risk – check out our risk summary.

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Welcome to Advancr, the new
generation of investor lending

Advancr leases equipment and advances loans to thousands of carefully vetted UK businesses.
Investors can earn fixed rates of return and benefit from our business selection acumen by
buying Advancr Bonds. There are no fees to pay and Advancr is run by leasing and
investment professionals who only make money when you do. Refreshing isn’t it?

Fixed interest rates

Your interest payments won’t change
over the term of the bond. Bonds
do come with risks though so
please read our risk summary.

No fees for investors

Rest assured that Advancr does not
charge investors any upfront or
ongoing fees for subscribing to
Advancr Bonds.

Leave the hard work to us

We can offer great interest rates because
we have a ready pipeline of carefully vetted
businesses for our services and can put
investors’ money to work straightaway.

Minimising risk for investors

We make sure we diversify our leasing and
lending activities across thousands of
businesses, and allow for a level of defaults,
to minimise any risk to your returns.

Professional management

Advancr is managed by experienced
leasing and investment professionals
who know how to prosper during the
down periods as well as the good times.

We’re on the same side

We only make money after you make
money, just one of the ways in which
Advancr Bonds are a different model
to typical P2P lending platforms.

We invest with you

We invest our own capital alongside the
money raised from our Advancr Bond
holders, which helps to ensure that our
interests our aligned with yours.


Advancr Ltd is an Appointed
Representative of Triple Point which is
authorised and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority.

We’re here to help

We are always happy to talk to our
Advancr Bond holders so feel free to
keep in touch or ask a question using
our contact details.

Advancr is built around one simple idea:
to give investors direct access to our professionally managed deal flow, previously the preserve of banks and investment professionals.

James Cranmer
Managing Director, Advancr

Your investment helps UK
businesses to grow and prosper

Advancr typically leases and lends to small and medium sized businesses seeking to finance
essential assets, such as chip and pin payment terminals. By investing in fixed return
Advancr Bonds you are also helping UK businesses to buy essential business assets.


18,000+ payment terminals

Advancr’s team has funded more than 18,000
payment terminals, helping retailers to grow
business volume across the UK

A quick and simple online process

Take a few minutes to set up your free Advancr investor account, and complete
our brief investor quiz, to get started

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Fair and transparent

How refreshing is that?

Fee free

You lend us money and we’ll
pay you fixed interest in
return. That’s it!


The dashboard displays all your
Advancr Bonds and records
the interest you are earning.


We only make a profit if
you do – how‘s that for
investor alignment?

We actively seek to manage our business risks at all times to protect your
returns and capital. We do this by spreading capital across our pool of carefully
vetted UK businesses and building in a level of repayment default into our
model. You can read more about the risks and how we manage these here.